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Tips to Buy Silver Beads, Clasps, and Silver Wire

Beads, clasp, and silver wire are the vital parts of jewelry. In this article we will have an overlook about the entire three components. Let's start with beads.

Beads can be considered as the building blocks of jewelry. There are a lot of sources for the beads. Depending upon the use of jewelry the bead associated with it also varies. For instance we don't use pearl in prayer beads we rather use wooden beads for them. Let's dig into details.

Pearls are one of the expensive beads available in the market. They are mainly used in Jewelries that are supposed to be wearing in functions. Pearls are also created artificially. These pearls are cheaper than the natural ones and will look exactly like the natural ones. Now a day you can also find plastic pearl in the market, which are very cheap. They don't have the quality of the other two types.

Glass beads are another variant of beads. They can be used as transparent beads or you can even color it according to your need. They are so versatile and cheap, it's one of the widely preferred beads in the industry. Handmade glass beads are expensive though.

Stone beads are usually known as semi precious beads. These beads are quite expensive; hence they are used to complement the primary element of the jewelry. The stone beads are available in all size and shape.

Wooden beads are mainly used for making prayer and rosary beads. They come in their natural color and texture. Polished wooden beads are also available in the market for shiny looks.

Clasps are those parts which are responsible for holding the elements together in jewelry. Now a day the market is filled with different type of clasps. We will discuss some of the commonly available clasps. The oldest available clasps are the spring ring clasps which can be opened by pulling a lever. There are many modernized version of these clasps available in the market. Lobster claw clasps being one of the widely know new gem clasps.

Magnetic clasps are used in medium and small sized jewelry. They are very convenient to use as they utilizes the magnetic field for binding purpose rather than hooks and lever. Some other commonly used clasps are the box clasps, the hook and eye clasps, S clasps etc. Look around you to find more types of clasps.

Last but not the least the silver wires, they are one of the beautiful thing ever happened to the jewelry industry. Silver wires are so flexible and ductile; you can literally use it like a string. The sterling silver wires are one of the most widely used wire. They are more durable and resistant to scratches. It also adds to the beauty of the jewelry.
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