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Jewelry Articles 2014
A Guide to Cufflinks

The 17th century witnessed the dawn of cufflinks as an official symbol of fashion, social prestige and luxury. Everyone in the western world was fastening their shirtsleeves with ribbon or ordinary strings that time. The first few pieces of cufflinks were made as fairly simple buttons, linked together by a small chain, and they were made of glass. A century hence, a new jewelry material was introduced-glass paste which was often used to form little gems.

Whereas woman jewelry knows no limits and frontiers both in quantity and selection, starting from a sparkling pin in lustrous hair and up to a toe-ring that can give that very glamorous touch, for men, the world of jewelry is limited to a signet, a watch, a tie-pin and cufflinks.

Fearlessly grinding the teeth at the face of ascetic fashion jewelry realms, and taking into consideration that the fashion of the new millennium calls for the individuality, first of all, fashion and jewelry-conscious men tear at full speed to express themselves in these 4 main items. So much interesting and challenging the task becomes…

Of all these items, the cufflinks have the most contradictory and fascinating story. Being both practical and glamorous, they, having disappeared from the world of men’s shirtsleeves, take it by storm again nowadays.

Striven with the idea of posh adorned appearance, the gentlemen of that time made this form of jewelry a fashionable must. When the age of extravagant festivities drew to a close, fashionable customs also changed. Pompous cufflinks no longer suited the new look.

The 20th century has known the Renaissance of cufflinks. After a long period they were allowed to become more than a dull function item. In 1901 Edward VII put an end to the infamous epoch of lean jewelry. His extravagant bright-red enameled Faberge cufflinks, embellished with rubies and diamonds, set aback the most epatage-loving gentlemen.

The breath of freedom has resulted in numerous styles and designs nowadays. There is something unique and special for everyone. The sophisticated lovers of classics can enjoy, for instance, precious red gold with pink mother of pearl cufflinks, crowned with a tiny diamond. Minimalist clear forms appear to be timeless and precious. The simple geometric forms of cufflinks are very much appealing to today’s men.

However, new forms and materials are increasingly used by many contemporary designers to gradually accustom males to more courageous view of jewelry. Today, the brothers Villa, Italian jewelers, are renowned as kings in the world of cufflinks. They state that a gentleman should have a vast number of cufflinks, various in design and manifold in number. Apart from traditional ones, a serious man collection can well include intricate cufflinks, for instance, gold elephants, owlets and so on. Even a portrait of a special person can be engraved for a cufflinks owner.

In short, men can use the quantitative jewelry minimalism to their advantage and succeed in creating of that unique, groomed and well-dressed gent image as far as they manage to put accents in a style-conscious way. And we, their better half, are always ready to render a skilful helping hand if necessary… or even a neck, masterfully decorated with a gorgeous diamond necklace.

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