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Jewelry Category: B
(Bag-ette) A small, rectangular stone that is often used as an accent or border on ENGAGEMENT RINGS. Similar to an EMERALD CUT but smaller and usually more narrow.
A bracelet that forms a continuous circle with no clasps or openings. Usually stiff, this bracelet must slide over the hand to be worn.
(Behz-uhle) Stones are set inside a tube of metal, which holds them secure without inserting metal between them. Since the metal edges fold over the stones to hold them in place, it can make stones look slightly smaller.
An expression popularized by the hip-hop culture, used to describe sparkly jewelry, accessories and/or gemstones.
A style of jewelry and clothing exemplified by flowing lines, natural materials, and funky details. Bright colors, layers, and casual pieces are hallmarks of the Boho style.
Square metal links are connected to form a smooth, even chain. Often used for men's jewelry.
The jewelry that a bride selects for herself, her bridal party (including bridesmaids, the matron or maid of honor, the flower girl, and the mother of the bride/groom), and occasionally her groom to wear during the wedding ceremony and following reception. Bridal jewelry includes the traditional engagement and wedding rings, as well as hair jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. When bridal jewelry includes accessories for the groom, best man, father of the bride/groom, ushers, and groomsmen, items such as tie pins, cufflinks, and traditional wedding bands may be used.
A round cut stone with 58 total facets, this is the traditional cut for diamond SOLITAIRE pendants and rings.
(Bree-o-let) A cut of stone featuring triangular facets in a teardrop shape.
A large decorative pin that is worn on clothing or in the hair.
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