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Jewelry Category: P
(Pa-tee-na) A finish or film on the surface of metal, generally caused by oxidation. This usually refers to the greenish hue that brass will take on as it ages, but for jewelry, the term refers to the tone of any metal surface.
(Pa-vay) A method of setting stones close to each other across an entire metal surface, so that it appears to be "paved" with gems. This popular setting gives a rich, textured look to jewelry.
A stone that is cut similarly to a BRILLIANT CUT stone, but with one rounded end and one pointed end. Often used in dangle drop earrings because they catch light and draw it to a focal point.
Any jewelry that exemplifies the style of a certain historic period, e.g., ART DECO jewelry or VICTORIAN jewelry.
A precious metal used to create jewelry. Usually the highest quality metal available for jewelry, platinum is extremely strong and has a white HUE.
When used in reference to women's jewelry, this term represents rings that are sizes 9 and above, bracelets that are 8 inches or longer, and necklaces that are 18 inches or longer.
A group of metals that includes platinum, gold, and silver.
A stone that is cut in a popular style which features a multi-faceted square cut. This cut is designed to refract the maximum amount of light, and looks square when viewed from the top.
A strand of pearls, or a layered necklace, which measures approximately 18 inches.
A pre-ENGAGEMENT RING which symbolizes the promise of ever lasting love. Promise rings look similar to engagement rings, but are usually on a smaller scale. A favorite among high school and college students! A promise ring symbolizes a commitment that one person makes to another. Traditionally, it is a precursor to an engagement between two people in a relationship who are not ready to marry but are serious about one another. However, promise rings can stand for all types of promises such as:

    We are best friends
    I will always be there for you
    I will be faithful to you
    I promise to abstain from a vice or bad habit
    I will return to you

Promise rings or commitment rings can be given to a man or a woman. Single women can also wear promise rings to symbolize a promise to themselves. Women's promise rings are generally characterized by a single stone such as a faux diamond that is usually smaller and more simple than an engagement ring diamond. Men's promise rings are typically simple bands made of sterling silver, stainless steel or gold. A promise ring can be worn on either the right or left hand ring finger but is more commonly worn on the right to avoid confusion of being an engagement ring or wedding band. Emitations offers promise rings made of sterling silver that resembles platinum and cubic zirconia in place of diamonds. Trista's Princess Cut Promise Ring is available in pink, clear or canary and the most popular among our selection. We also feature a men's section of rings that can be used as promise rings.
A ring which is worn to symbolize that the wearer will abstain from sexual intercourse until after marriage.
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